The obvious thing... by Sydney Baloue

The thing that kills me about this unseasonably warm weather in Philly is that NO ONE will dare point out the obvious that THIS INDEED is climate change. While black and brown communities are destroyed by hurricanes in Puerto Rico and Mexico and while we all sit in muggy discomfort, a call to action in the name of eco-justice is so out of reach.

To dare care about the fact that yes, as per usual, our communities will be the ones who bare the brunt of the environmental destruction of the planet while white middle class bourgeois people try and make the environment only an issue THEY can care about is just infuriating.

Wake up, folks. Connect the dots. This isn't an accident and sadly, it's only the beginning. Insurance companies know it and you should too.

T(x) - A blog about transition by Sydney Baloue

Hi there,

After some minor deliberation and encouragement from friends on Facebook, I have decided to begin writing a blog, which documents my transition. For those who do not know I am transgender and am transitioning from female to male and currently medically transitioning as well. This current stage of my life is something, which has been somewhat unexpected in my conscious state. As I navigate this chapter of my existence many have said that it might be useful to begin writing about this time in my life. I am not quite sure what the right format of something of this nature should be and perhaps there is no "right" format. In the meantime, I will use this blog as a source.

I was initially hesitant to write about transition as there are already a plethora of resources, blogs, vlogs, and other documentation of other transgender people, and particularly men of trans* experience out there. I remember when I went to see a private doctor in London about transitioning he said the only negative side effect would be starting a YouTube channel. However, I am currently "funemployed," I need some sort of structure in my life and I do find that there are some interesting changes occurring, which might be fun to share with others. Additionally, a dear friend and mentor on Facebook told me that as a black transman, having my perspective would also be helpful - yet another impetus to begin writing.

In this vein, I welcome you to join me as I navigate this space and encourage you to chime in, comment, and share.

Many well wishes,