Support Syd Boxing!

Support Syd Boxing!

Support Syd Boxing!


I finished raising $5000 in 2019…

to be able to train and fight in the Men’s Amateur Division of Boxing of USA Boxing as a Transgender Guy.

Check out my campaign and donate here!

Through supporting and believing in me as a boxer, I will pay it forward through providing trans and non-binary communities of color boxing lessons. I will raise awareness about trans and non-binary folks’ rights and willingness to get back into our bodies, get into the ring, and have a good time while doing that while building community with other trans and non-binary folks.

I told myself if I could get 500 of my friends to donate $10, I would be able to make my goal.

I am grateful to say that I hit this goal with the help of so many amazing people!

Thanks and I appreciate your support!

With love,